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  • Woodinville High School Theatre Company Boosters Scholarships, 2018

    Woodinville High School Theatre Company (WHSTC) Boosters Scholarships are awarded to graduating students who have demonstrated outstanding aptitude in the study and practice of acting and theater tech. A minimum of four scholarships in the amount of $200 or greater will be awarded in both the area of Acting and the area of Theater Tech.

    The minimum criteria for consideration for the WHTSC Booster Scholarships are:

    • Graduating senior from Woodinville High School (WHS)
    • Participation (for acting or tech, as appropriate) in at least one of the three major performance runs (Fall Show, Winter Show, or Spring Musical) during their senior school year.
    • Enough accumulated participation hours in their high school career to meet the qualifications for the International Thespian Society by May 15th, 2018.

    The above criteria, along with the acting vs. tech theater affinity, will be assessed from faculty records; applying students do not need to include this information in their application for the scholarships.

    Additionally, the following criterion must be met as well:

    • Acceptance and enrollment in an accredited institution for higher learning (such as a college, university, trade school, or military academy)

    The WHSTC Boosters recognize that the usefulness and applicability of the skills acquired in studying acting or theater tech at WHS is not limited to a career on the stage, and so there is no requirement that an awardee should intend to major in the fine arts.

    The final awardees will be chosen by the WHSTC Booster Scholarship Committee, in consultation with WHS faculty with consideration of individual excellence in acting or tech; character; leadership; participation; demeanor. The names of the awardees will be announced in early June, with awards disbursed thereafter.

    Students wishing to be considered for an award should submit the following information to and by May 25th, 2018:

    Subject: WHSTC Booster 2018 scholarship application for (insert name here)

    • Full name:
    • Home address:
    • Phone number:
    • Higher learning institution enrolled in:
  • Support WHSTC's production of Les Misérables by purchasing a program ad!

    Calling all business owners and proud parents! For our production of Les Misérables, we are looking for businesses and families interested in placing an ad in our program. You can give a shout-out to your student, or just let everyone know about your local business. Based on past attendence at other WHSTC performances, we anticipate that up to 2400 people will see this performance and our program -- that's a lot of eyes on your advertisement! By advertising, you will show your support of Woodinville High School, our Performing Arts department, and the students in this production.

    Artwork and payment are due no later than April 27th. All pertinent information can be found on this form. We thank you for all of your support, and hope to see you at one of the performances!

  • Join the WHSTC parents list!

    Do you have a student in theatre at Woodinville High School? Would you like to be added to the email list? If so, email to be added. By joining the list, you'll get advance news about WHSTC events as well as information about how you can help the program. We hope to hear from you!