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Aunt Ethel arrives
Doctor Chumley is upset
Dr Chumley the detective

Dr Sanderson and Elwood
Dr Sanderson and Veta
EJ Lofgren

Elwood admires his painting
Elwood and Dr Sanderson
Elwood and Mrs Chumley

Elwood asks Harvey to follow him
Elwood decides to get formula
Elwood describes Harvey

Elwood gives flowers to Nurse Kelly
Elwood introduces Harvey to Aunt Ethel
Elwood reads Jane Austen

Elwood tells Ethel about Harvey
Ethel is perplexed
Harvey Cast

Harvey Crew
Harvey follows Elwood
Mrs Chumley writes down info

Nurse Kelly and Veta
Sanderson Kelly Elwood and Wilson
Veta and Miss Johnson

Veta asks Myrtle Mae to be quiet
Veta wants the judge to sue