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2 blind men
Alfred and Claire say good-bye
Alfred and the Priest

Alfred dies of a heart attack
Cast of The Visit
Citizens in the Woods

Citizens of Guellen at the train station
Claire and Alfred in Conrad's Woods
Claire and husband number 8

Claire getting a light from her Butler
Claire got her way
Claire leaves with husband number 10

Claire surprises the Mayor
Claire, butler and husband number 10
Crazy suggestions from Claire

Crew of The Visit
Doctor, Schoolmaster and Painter
Driving on a Saturday afternoon

Guellen youth choir
Guelleners are taking a vote

Guelleners in Epilogue
Guelleners waiting for the train
Ill Family Drive

Ill family
Last visit in Conrad's Woods
Mayor and Ill's last meeting

Mayor's Family
No one will stop you Ill
Policeman and Louisa

Priest and Guelleners
Reporter taking notes
Roby and Toby carry the sedan chair

Roby and Toby with the coffin
Schoolmaster in despair

The Cast
The painter and her portrait
The paparazzi at the hearing

The reporters
The set
The Woods

We won't hold you back
Welcome banner
Will the Mayor kill Ill