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A Midsummer Night's Dream cast
All the Pucks and Pirates
Bottom and Quince

Bottom transformed
Cannon fighting with Hobgoblin
Cannon, Hobgoblin and Goodfellow

Cast and director of Pyramus and Thisbe
Demetrius and Theseus
Demetrius annoying Lysander

Flute and Snout
Goodfellow watching Helena
Helena disciplining the guys

Helena is sick of the lovers
Keeping Hermia calm
Lysander and Demetrius fight

Lysander and Demetrius fighting over Helena
Lysander and Hermia
Lysander annoyed with hermia

Me thinks
No one winked
Oberon and the Pucks

Our Crew
Philostrate watching the Lion

Puck fighting with Hornswaggle
Pyraus and Moon
Quince introduces the play

Robin and Cannon
Smart remarks from the audience
Snug and Flute

The audience of Pyramus and Thisbe
The cast of Pyramus and Thisbe
The guys pretending all is well

The Lion roars
The Mechanicals
The party guests watching the play

The Pirates capture Bottom
The Pucks fixing their mistake
The Wall and Pyramus

Theseus and Hyppolita
Titania and her Pirates
Watching Pyramus and Thisbe