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Dancing at the wedding
Dancing on top of the tables at the pub
Do You Hear The People Sing

Drink With Me
End of Act 1
Enjolras and the Revolutionaries

Eponine has been shot
Eponine has died
Eponine is dying

Fantine and potential suitor
Fantine and the fancy ladies
Fantine and the ladies in the factory

Fantine decides to join the ladies
Gavroche and more revolutionaries
Gavroche and revolutionaries

Gavroche volunteers
Javert and M. Thenardier's gang
M. Thenardier at the pub

M. Thenardier Master Of The House
Marius meets Cosette
Marius mourns Eponine's death

Mme Thenardier dancing at the pub
Red and Black
Revolutionaries coming up with a fight strategy

Revolutionaries sing Drink with Me
The Cast of Les Miserables 2018
The Factory Foreman

The fight is over
The Laborers
The revolutionaries

The Thenardiers
Thenardier's gang at the gate
Thenardiers and Jean Valjean

Thenardiers' gang