2017-2018 Patrons:

Many thanks to the following patrons of WHS drama:

Producers ($300+)

Matthew & Glenda Gertz

Geoff Knutzen

Stephanie & Greg Penoyer

Directors ($100 - $299)

Robin Barnes

The Hatch Family

Mike & Kelly Locke

Sharon Matthews

Jim & Mary Mulkins

Keith & Stephanie Szot

Actors ($1 - $99)

Monika Armitano

John & Susie Krost

The Denver Family

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Becoming a WHSTC Drama Booster patron brings great benefits to both you and the booster program! Booster donations can be made via PayPal (see the sidebar) or by checks mailed to Woodinville Drama Boosters, P.O.Box 2977, Woodinville 98072